Piano Movers for Long Distance Moving

Piano Movers for Long Distance Moving

Some of your belongings won’t fit in boxes. Oversized items such as pianos, antique furnishings and art pieces require careful packing and loading. Here’s how to handle the unusual items in your move. 

Moving a piano is a strenuous specialized work. Your piano movers have specialized equipment for the moving job, along with more experience in packing disassembling and reassembling it. It is very valuable to have the experience to know how moving large, heavy, delicate objects in and out of tight places.

When you get a piano moving estimate ask what kind of experience the company has and how they will pack and load he piano for moving. Questions like what kinds of protection do they use for the exterior and the interior of the piano, or what systems are they going to use if they have to move the piano off a balcony are necessary. Make sure to insure the piano for its full replacement value.

When moving day arrives, you and the mover should review the written statement of the inside, and outside condition of the piano. Do the same when the piano is delivered to your new destination.

Authority Van Lines Local and Long Distance Movers

Authority Van Lines Moving Services has more than 30 years in the moving industry with proven satisfied customers. We are an A+ rating Moving company with the policy that if you are not satisfied with your move, you don’t pay. We offer free estimates by one of the company owners to ensure a warranty price. Your driver will also be part of the Muraco family as this business is a family owned. Call today at 1-800-309-5990 or click HERE to fill out a form.

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