Best Local Moving and Storage in Fort Lauderdale

Best Local Moving and Storage in Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to Authority Van Lines Moving and storage. We are a company that provides any moving service you may need when transitioning from one home to another.  Either if you need a local move or a long distance move, is good to have information about a storage facility that you can rely on in case need it. Here are some tips to ask your moving specialist on how to choose a storage facility in Fort Lauderdale and what to take into consideration so you can choose the right one.

Usually with local and international moving your new house may not be ready the same day you are planning to move. For example, you may not be able to arrive at the time the movers do, or your house is still in construction and might take a little longer to be livable. In this case, your mover may temporarily store your load either because it was a previous agreement done by the moving estimator or a last minute desition.

What to take into consideration

If a mover is going to store your belongings, it must do so in a licensed warehouse in its name. These facilities must have the ideal conditions to store your load because a bad facility might ruin your furniture. For example, the warehouse should be clean and well-tended, secured and with regulated temperature.

Find out whether you can gain access to the warehouse at any time in case you need something. Also, have a detailed inventory of the load, the storage charge, and information regarding loss-or-damage-protection and insurance if any.

You’ll also need to know what you’ll pay if you must leave the load in storage longer than you’d anticipated. Also, whether there will be extra charges to move the load again if need it.

Are you in need of storage in Fort Lauderdale?

Authority Van Lines is a family moving business with more than 30 years of experience, in the moving industry helping moving Broward County and Palm Beach area. Our drivers and moving estimators are part of our family, so we can promise our best moving crew do an outstanding job. Give us a call at 1-800-309-5990 or fill out a quick form and we get back to you shortly.

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