We take pride in being regarded as a reliable and affordable van line providing services for local moving, across country moving, and international. Our philosophy is simple: We just want to help. It’s apparent in everything we do — in the way we treat our employees, the way we give back to the community, and in the way we do whatever it takes to make our customers lives easier. As we see it, moving usually equates to stress. And we’re changing that with every move we make. No matter where your next move takes you, we want this transition to be a smooth one.

We Work Hard For You

Our team of experts at all levels of our services have years of experience backing them, which adds the credibility of an expert workforce. To us, prepping your home to protect it from damage is an art form. We're so adept at properly handling all of your things, that we designed an entire intensive training course at our facilities, complete with a two-story house built inside our warehouse. Each employee is required to attend our training before he or she can set foot near a job site or a moving truck.

Home Sweet Home. Let's Keep It That Way

You take pride in your home. And so does Authority Van Lines. We want to help maintain it for you—and for generations to come. That's why all of our crews are trained right here at Authority's facilities on how to protect critical areas of your home from potential damage. Here's our prep checklist:

  • Protect carpets, flooring, and stairs with floor runners
  • Pad banisters
  • Pad doors
  • Pad doorjambs
  • Professionally pad wrap all furniture and upholstery with stretch wrap